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Staff Planning Page

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 9 months ago

Behind The Scenes Plans






  • Advertising
    • Advertising Flyer  -- someone know a graphic artist to make it fun?   (Update: Quest said he might draft some logo designs for the flyer, web site, and online adverts)
    • Advertising on TastySpleen -- Talk with Quadz
    • Suggest we include a one on one touranment  -- anyone want to organize that?
    • Suggest we set a schedule for games, so that people know their favorite mod will be played.
  • We need some pictures, of the site, of quake 2, maybe of each of us.. material to make it more REAL for attendees.
  • If people are expected to pay in advance, how do we accept payments?   It might be easier overall if we don't have this requirement.

        (Payments in advance is not required, but it does make it easier to know who coming. Money orders can be sent to the LAN Arena.)








Tables Folding Tables for BYOC   Defiant may have some to bring if he drives (if he flies he can't!) (Athens LAN has access to rentals)
Chairs Chairs for BYOC   Defiant may have some to bring if he drives (if he flies he can't!) (Athens LAN has access to rentals)
Network Switch  2 x 8 port switches, or more depending on attendees   for BYOC, only one open port exists at the Athen's network
Ethernet Cable  6 + one per BYOC attendee   100Mb or Gig only please
Extension Cords a few    




  • Cost for the BYOCers ( $5.00/Hour for BYOCers to Rent LAN PCs)
  • Cost for the Computer Renters (NON-BYOCers can get an all day pass for $20.00)



Network Preparations

  • We'll want to run a DHCP server
  • We'll need a quake server
  • It would be helpful to have a FTP server
  • It would be helpful to have a PHP Tournanment Application



Gaming Preparations

  • Need a game server setup ready to administer
    • Free For All
    • Team Deathmatch & 1v1
    • Railz
    • CTF for team gaming
    • WOD-X
  • Need a DVD of maps and games ready to copy to people's machines -- so that they don't wait forever for game maps to download.
  • Run an FTP server with a big zip of maps?



Details to Confirm

  • Having enough room for BYOCers
  • Not overbooking the Computer Rentals
  • Servers setup for FFA, TDM, 1v1 etc..
  • Bracket System to note tournaments
  • Quake2 installed on all the Athens LAN machines (Done)



Post LAN

  • Make a compilation movie of the LAN action?


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