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Attendees and Staff List

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Organizers & Sponsors

  • [BTF]Deathstalker - CoOwner of Athens LAN Arena MGComputer@suddenlink.net
  • [BTF]Defiant! email: btf.defiant@gmail.com
  • [BTF]Gator
  • [BTF]Jehar
  • Quadz (of TastySpleen)
  • Quest - Designer and Contributer of TSLAN Party LOGO
  • Joe - CoOwner of Athens LAN Arena
  • Tony - Manager of Athens LAN Arena





  • Confirmed, But Not Paid

    • [BTF]DEMOn
    • [BTF]Jehar
    • RottenRose 
    • DeadBeat
    • Quadz
    • [BTF] DrkKnight
    • [BTF]hieronymous
    • [BTF]JaxDefore


  • Interested, Not Yet Confirmed

    • [BTF]Gator
    • JQuestt[SIR]
    • Dukie
    • Fanny (is trying, may not make it)
    • Spike[SIR] (is trying, may not make it)



QuakeCon Attendees (for group seating at BYOC at QuakeCon)

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